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The Great Learny Journey, signed hard cover


The Great Learny Journey can be enjoyed by all ages, and is the collaborative result of an interactive journey between author, Erin Slabonik and the illustrators who spanned the ages of 4 to 14 at the time of illustration. Erin considers herself an interactive author, as she strives to impact her readers by making them part of the process.


As you read, you will find a pairing of her light hearted and whimsical, yet meaningful poems, with individual interpretations from each of the 21 illustrators. Through The Great Learny Journey Workshop, Erin welcomed her participants to freely discuss and create their vision of each poem, all while they joined her on a symbolic and interactive scavenger hunt showcasing the importance of our unique imaginations.


The Great Learny Journey is the first workshop and book from Erin’s Climbing CuriosiTrees Curriculum. Her curriculum is designed to encourage creative courage and confidence by cultivating curiosity, that leads to achievement and innovation. The participants of this workshop became published illustrators. You will see on the back cover, she is now inviting YOU to join her in her coming endeavors.



About the Possibilities


The participants of the Great Learny Journey Workshop became published illustrators. You will see on the back cover, I am now inviting YOU to join me in my coming endeavors. Everytime you post your original imaginative creations with the hashtag #thegreatlearnyjourney, you are entering yourself to be a part of endless creative opportunities. Be it artistically, musically, theatrical, etc... I'm looking for unique styles of all kinds. Your style might be just what I'm looking for in illustrations for an upcoming book, your music might be perfect for a much needed theme song; the possibilities are endless.

 I will be on the lookout... Where individuality and originality is key!  

Welcome to the Journey!!!