The Great Learny Journey I


Young Illustrator Project

The pilot of The Great Learny Journey  was hosted by the Susquehanna Art Museum in the Spring of 2015. Students were encouraged to tap into their curiosity and creativity, making art inspired by my compilation of poetry. They enjoyed a laid back environment perfect for expressing themselves both verbally and through their art. Their responses tend to be genuine, humorous, and sometimes brave. The curriculum provides a prompt for healthy discussion, interaction, some adventure and limitless artistic ideas.


Through The Great Learny Journey, I will publish my first book in collaboration with the participants who will in turn become published illustrators.  Collaborating with elementary age children provides unique opportunities all around; it really involves my readers in the process, and allows me to publish a book written for kids, and illustrated by kids.


All participants received immediate take aways as tokens of having completed the journey and will be listed as illustrators in the published work. They will receive signed copies of the book and will be invited to join me to take part in the book release/signing event. I hope that the experience provides a sense of accomplishment that helps them continue to flourish.


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