eclectically erin

At the very least, my eclectic personality perplexes most...


My name is Erin Slabonik. I am a friendly free spirit who is young at heart with an old soul, and am on a quest to constanstly improve myself while encouraging the same in others. Writing, rhyming, and words are of my many creative passions, and currently the primary vehicles I use on this journey.


I absolutely love cats, as well as most  other creatures and critters. I have two cats, named Bootsie Bean and Munchkie, a Beta fish named Moon Prince (MP), and am currently caring for a baby Snapping Turtle named Totes and a Painted Turtle named Slippers while preparing them for release.  I also have major soft spots for children and the elderly. I find myself drawn to those in need, and find fulfillment in being able to care for others. I strive to someday build a huge residence as a sanctuary for all types of both animals and people.


I very much enjoy cooking and baking while trying to use as many clean, fresh, and local ingredients as possible. I know the importance of maintaining both physical and mental health for overall well-being. Similarly, I like to stay on top of, and when possible use the most modern versions of  ancient holistic medicinal techniques.


In my free time, I prefer to be surrounded by loved ones and friends. I also enjoy spending time in nature, as I find it to be not only a peaceful retreat, but also find that it inspires my painting, photography, and writing. Nature also appeals to me as a means to adventure. I love water activities, ice skating, skiing, hiking, fishing, exploring, etc... I thrive off of variety, creativity and trying new things. The future travels that await me are endless!


Most importantly,  on all of my endeavors I've kept my childhood imagination intact and running strong. Using curiosity as fuel, I embrace my weird, wear my weird, share my weird, and aim to instill in others, the value of doing the same.


"Our imaginations are the tools we use to turn our thoughts into jewels."