Encouraging Creative Confidence & Courage by Cultivating Curiosity


 My name is Erin Slabonik, and I am a friendly free spirit who is young at heart while an old soul. I am on a quest to constantly improve myself while encouraging the same in others. Writing and rhyming are of my many creative passions, and words are the primary vehicles I use on this journey.


In my free time, I prefer to be surrounded by loved ones and friends. I absolutely love animals, and enjoy spending time in nature, as I find it to be not only a peaceful retreat, but also find that it inspires my creativity.










My purpose is to offer an escape from the norm;
supplying alternatives to the demand to conform.
To offer tools and resources that open the mind,
and allow one’s self to be one of a kind.
Creative confidence and curiosity are key,
in starting a journey to freeing your “me.”
I always encourage wearing your weird,
as sharing uniqueness should never be feared.




I've written from the time I can remember, and continue to write with a purpose to positively impact my readers. While my works tend to be very silly, light-hearted and fun, they all tell a story, and hold value that I find integral to maintaining an active imagination.


It is very important to me that my readers are part of the experience, so I've developed a curriculum to accompany each of my books, and hold workshops involving my readers in my process to better my chances of having a real solid impact on as many of them as possible.


My first workshop, The Great Learny Journey, has been successful, and is currently active. I have several more ready in waiting, as well as many works in progress.  Each of them are unique, giving participants a hands on experience, making them part of the finished product, and leaving them with a sense of accomplishment stemming from their imaginations.



“Our imaginations are the tools we use to turn our dreams into jewels.”


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